Stein Camp Believes Recount Price Tag Was ‘Jacked Up’ to Discourage Audit

A member of Jill Stein’s team told WhoWhatWhy the inflated price tag Wisconsin election officials slapped on last year’s recount was part of an effort to dissuade the Green Party candidate from having the state’s presidential election audited.

“They were trying to discourage us from doing the recount, so they jacked the price way up,” Rick Lass, a Stein campaign advisor, told WhoWhatWhy after it was revealed that the recount ended up costing a lot less than officials had projected. “We aren’t very pleased with the process.”

Whatever Happened to Ike and the GOP? Norman Lear Wants to Know

In addition to some of the more familiar heroes in American history — Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln — we’d like to propose a figure that at first blush might seem an odd fit.

Norman Lear never led America into war.  Instead, he made television shows that changed the way Americans viewed themselves and their society, both the good and the bad, including racial bigotry and the Vietnam War.

Classic Who: Martin Luther King Also Had a Nightmare

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, WhoWhatWhy presents — through a fascinating collection of pictures — a brief history of American racism, a look at the kind of hatred, atrocities, and soul-searing humiliation that spurred King into action. We published these pictures last year, and the year before that, and we will probably do it again next year. Will anyone learn from them?

China Invests Big Bucks in Green Energy While US Goes Dirty

If climate change is a hoax perpetuated by the Chinese, as incoming President Donald Trump has claimed, the main victim of the hoax looks to be China itself.

The US and China appear to be taking radically different paths toward a self-sufficient energy future. In an effort to clean up its environment, China is pulling back from its former policy of growth at all costs, while Trump has signaled he wants to lead the US in the opposite direction.

The Death of a Journalist Who Knew Too Much

Dorothy Kilgallen was one of the most powerful voices in America. She had a role on the popular TV show, “What’s My Line,” and she was a journalist who wrote an insightful gossip column. She especially loved covering high profile murder trials. In fact, she singlehandedly caused Sam Shepard’s murder conviction to be overturned by the US Supreme Court.

More important, she was excellent at investigating. She asked incisive — even dangerous — questions. This may have led to her death on November 8, 1965.

Fort Lauderdale Shooting: FBI Involvement in Another Act of Violence

Two months before Esteban Santiago opened fire with a semi-automatic pistol at Fort Lauderdale’s airport Friday, killing five and injuring six, he underwent an “assessment” by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

This procedure, which can involve intrusive investigations and interrogation, ended with the Bureau finding that Santiago had committed no crimes and had no ties to terrorism.

Dark Shadows: Iran-Contra, Secret Wars & Covert Operations, Part 1


Dear Reader: As journalism chases the perceived diminishing attention span by making everything shorter and shorter, we’re going to head in the opposite direction on occasion – go really deep and thorough on something historical and still of interest. Here’s one such case: a remarkable look at Iran-Contra, a still somewhat-mysterious big scandal of 30 years ago that tells us much about the Deep State, the Military-Industrial complex and America’s will to empire that provides context to so much happening today.

The Troubling Voting Rights Record of Jeff Sessions

A man named after Confederate President Jefferson Davis and Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard may soon be in a position to sound the death knell for the Voting Rights Act. Some in the South might call this poetic justice. Others, however, are worried that they will get no justice from Jefferson Beauregard Sessions — poetic or otherwise.

That’s a problem because, pending the outcome of his nomination process, which begins January 10, Sessions will head the Department of Justice (DOJ) as attorney general.

Deep History and the Global Drug Connection, Part 5: CIA In Latin America

Introduction by Russ Baker:

Professor Peter Dale Scott sees what the rest of us miss. His decades-long investigation of the connections between the hugely lucrative and unstoppable global drug trade and the national security apparatus is unparalleled. The details are also highly complex and a challenge to absorb. Nevertheless, they demand our attention.

Leaked Kerry Audio Shows Hidden Syria Backstory

It appears CNN and The New York Times gave the public a sanitized report on US Secretary of State John Kerry’s meeting with Syrian opposition leaders back in September.

Unlike those two media giants, Wikileaks released the full, unscrubbed audio of the 35-minute conversation this week. Included was the revelation that the White House knew of the growing threat the Islamic State presented in the region and that it actually hoped ISIL’s progress would lead to regime change in Syria.

Worried What Trump Might Do? Blame Obama for Handing Him the Means!

Donald Trump’s opponents say one of the main reasons he is unfit to lead the country is that he is thin-skinned and erratic and therefore cannot be trusted anywhere near the famous (and non-existent) nuclear button. What the same people always neglect to say is that outgoing President Barack Obama is giving his successor a whole new arsenal of instruments of power to abuse.

Reward for Whistleblower’s Warning of Hijack Danger: Endless Harassment

Air Marshal Robert MacLean was punished by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for trying to protect the American public. After a long battle, including litigation that went all the way to the Supreme Court, MacLean was vindicated. But that didn’t mean his troubles were over.

A recent government document filed in his whistleblower case illustrates the hostility public servants can face when they point out problems within their agencies.