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Sick Nasty! Walmart Customers Are Freaking After What They Just Found In Packaged Salads! (Video)

David J. Neal for the Miami Herald reports, Fresh Express recalled its Organic Marketside Spring Mix from Walmart stores in the Southeastern United States Saturday because a dead bat was found in a packaged salad in Florida.

A recall has been issued for a packaged salad after a dead bat was found inside a container.

Fresh Express issued a recall for a limited number of cases of Organic Marketside Spring Mix sold at Walmart.

Rumor - Something Unfortunate Happened to Syrian General Who Led Chemical Attack

Take this for what its worth as it is presented strictly as caveat emptor.

This from al-Arabiya on Thursday:

The US, Britain and France have demanded the names of the pilots who carried out the recent chemical attack in Syria.

Their request came as part of the draft resolution, which they submitted on Wednesday during an emergency session at the UN Security Council.

The “war on cancer”: We’re doing better than commonly portrayed [Respectful Insolence]

If you were to rely on much of what you see in the mainstream media and on social media, you probably have the impression that we are not doing very well against cancer. Indeed, a common trope I see in a lot of articles is that we are somehow “losing” the war on cancer. Just for yuks, I Googled the term “losing the war on cancer,” and it didn’t take long to find a lot of articles, both in the mainstream press and, more predictably, on alternative medicine-friendly websites making just that argument.

Crushing Proof Is Emerging! Syria Gas Attack Was A Setup: Three Top US Officals. People Are Choosing Sides. (Video)


The final blow to Trump's flip flop and desastrous decision to act upon a false flag set up by the rebels and the CIA-backed terrorists in Syria.

After Senator Ron Paul, Rep. Tulsi Gabbart and Mike Savage, now it's presidential candidate and US Rep. Kucinich's turn to shoot down Trump's missile attack for being illegal because Trump didn't wait for an investigation about the purported chemical attack in Syria.


Kucinich: No evidence Assad was behind chemical attacks