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Take a Peek Inside Blue Origin’s New Shepard Crew Capsule

Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos provided a sneak peek today into the interior of the New Shepard crew capsule, the suborbital vehicle for space tourism. He released a few images which illustrate what the flight experience might be like on board.

“Our New Shepard flight test program is focused on demonstrating the performance and robustness of the system,” Bezos said via an email release. “In parallel, we’ve been designing the capsule interior with an eye toward precision engineering, safety, and comfort.”

Take a look:

The Lie We Live

The Lie We Live
By Spencer Cathcart, an independent video creator
March 27, 2017

At this moment you could be anywhere, doing anything.

Instead you sit alone before a screen.

So what’s stopping us from doing what we want?

Being where we want to be?

Each day we wake up in the same room and follow the same path,
to live the same day as yesterday.

Yet at one time each day was a new adventure.

Along the way something changed.

De Blasio: Being a Sanctuary City Means Less Terrorism

“The attorney general, on the other hand, argued that sanctuary cities make America more dangerous. ‘Countless Americans would be alive today if these policies of sanctuary cities were ended,’ Sessions said.”

The attorney general is arguing on the basis of fact. The mayor is arguing on the basis of leftist wishful thinking. What will he say when one of his illegal “refugees” murders a New Yorker? Probably nothing: the enemedia will make sure that he faces no reckoning.

Warning: US Ponzi Retirement Market in Big Trouble, Protect with Precious Metals +Video

Image result for pics of US Ponzi Retirement

By Steve St. Angelo, SRSrocco Report /

The U.S. Retirement Market is in BIG TROUBLE as annual benefits paid out are now larger than total contributions.  Actually, the amount of net withdrawals were the highest in history.  When payouts become larger than contributions… then we have the making of the typical PONZI SCHEME.

Forbidden Knowledge of the Anunnaki Who Came to Earth in Their Flying Machines, 450,000 Years Ago (Video)

Anunnaki was the first very accurate independent movie in a trilogy based in the books of Zecharia Sitchin that should be released in 2007, 2008 and 2009 however, the movie was never released.

A trilogy about the Anunnaki sojourn on Earth. Since the arrive 450.000 years ago, the pre/post flood empires, the departure and the next return after 2012.

Dressed Like the Joker, a Defiant Hillary Clinton Takes the Stage Calling for ‘Resistance’ of New Administration

A spirited Hillary Clinton took on the Trump administration Tuesday in one of her first public speeches since she lost the presidential election, criticizing the country’s Republican leaders on everything from health care to the shortage of women appointees in top administration positions.