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Violence continues in France as migrants randomly beat Elderly women

SHOCKING footage has emerged of teens involved in a violent brawl at a French train station after Marine Le Pen said she was “staggered” with the government inaction after destructive riots hit the capital.

Widespread suburban rioting spilled into central Paris on Wednesday as hundreds went on a rampage over the alleged rape of a young black man by French police.

French Police Flee Armed Mob as Week-Long Paris Riots Spread to City Centre

French police have been filmed fleeing from armed mobs as riots continue in Paris for the second week and the unrest has now spread to the city centre.

Hundreds of violent thugs took to the streets on Wednesday night near the Barbes Metro station, close to the major transport hub Gare du Nord. Windows were smashed, shops looted, fires lit, main roads blocked, and police cars targeted during the disturbance.

Obama Has Trained Tens of Thousands of Radicals at Alinsky Camps to Sabotage Trump

Barack Obama taught the principles of Saul Alinsky while in Chicago. There is even this photo of Obama the community organizer teaching Alinsky to a classroom of students. The heading at the top reads “POWER ANALYSIS”. The sub-heading reads “RELATIONSHIPS BUILD ON SELF INTEREST”. The symbol on the arrow between “CORP” and “MAYOR” is the “$” sign.

Geert Wilders Leads in Latest Polls, Likely to Win in Landslide

The far-right PVV of Geert Wilders leads in the polls as next month’s Dutch election looms.

Wilders is using Trump tactics and praising Brexit in an attempt to cash in on the wave of populism dominating the political landscape.

The PVV is on course to win 30 seats in the 150 seat parliament if the pollsters are correct; however most of the 28 other parties running say they will not go into coalition with Wilders.

Steven Mnuchin Is Confirmed As Treasury Secretary

Democrats are trying to flex their muscles but are realizing that they have none. While that might sound biased realize that for all the charades and uproar they have caused over the last several weeks they have been completely unable to stop Trump.

Late on Monday the Senate voted 53-47 to confirm Steve Mnuchin to the Treasury Secretary position. Mnuchin is a highly successful businessman with over 30 years on experience working in the financial sector.