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There is a War on Common Sense and the ACLU is Leading the Newest Charge

It appears to me that the ACLU is no longer American in purpose. When they are soley interested in seeing that those with no standing within this country are allowed to come and go at will, then nationalism ceases to exist. When they intend to make the nation ungovernable, they are seditious in intent and action. When they encourage the violent, they have blood on their hands. Look at how they are gloating.

As Written By Robert Knight for the Washington Times:

POLITICO: Hillary Clinton Is Running Again 

Does the thought that Hillary Clinton could and would run for the office of President in 2020 disturb you? Have you been paying attention to the things that are going on around her? This article starts linking things together and makes a case that she is getting in position to put together her run. If you don’t think it is probable, read this.

As Written By Matt Latimer for POLITICO:

Hillary Clinton will run for president. Again.

Did the CIA Just Bag Mike Flynn?

There are a lot of folks that right now think that the CIA is behind the leaks that bagged Mike Flynn. As President Trump’s National Security Advisor, he would have been in a powerful position in the nation’s intelligence network. Senator Chuck Schumer has warned Donald Trump to not mess with the CIA. Is this a revenge hit? 

The Democrats Have Lit The Fire

For those of us who experienced the protests, riots, and violence of the 60s and 70s, the current acts by the deranged Left are mostly disturbing. There is a warning in this article that the fractures are large and the will to heal them is missing this time. What can we learn by looking back on history? The Left may never learn from history and are doomed to repeat it.

As Written By Pat Buchanan for Real Clear Politics:

Priebus Future In Doubt?

As the Chief of Staff for the President of the United States, Reince Priebus has much responsibility. His duty is to carry out what the President wants to have accomplished. When that effort keeps blowing up, then expect a list of replacements to be floated. It is happening now.

As Written By Matthew Boyle for Breitbart: 

BOOM!!!! Remember When Obama’s 2008 Campaign Reps Talked with Iran, Hamas?

There is no corporate memory of an explosion of indignity when Obama aides were in communication with Iran and Hamas before Obama took office. However, Robert Malley stepped down as an informal foreign policy adviser to Obama when that was revealed. Do you remember any of this? Due to lack of media outrage, probably not.

As Written by Aaron Klein for Breitbart: 

Student gets suspended for the recording of the ‘act of terrorism’ Professor

Apparently, Orange Coast College professor, Olga Pere Stable-Cox, will face no repercussions for her behavior, while student Caleb O’Neil will be suspended for recording it. The terms of the suspension are harsh, as well as the terms for readmission. The message is that the left can say what they want and you better not report it.

As Written By Peter Van Voorhis for Campus Reform:

New York Times Falsely Accuses Trump, Then Exonerates Him?

Yesterday at the top of the stairs, the New York Times saw a story that wasn’t there. It wasn’t there again today. I wish that story would go away. And that is the way it is on the story with Donald Trump aides talking to Russians. They may have talked to Russians, or they may not have. It may be illegal, or it may not be illegal. It’s the seriousness of the charge, after all. 

As Written Joel B. Pollak for Breitbart: 

Dear Anonymous Sources Leaking in the Trump Administration …..

Never in the history of our Republic has there been such an attempt to target a President like Donald Trump is experiencing. It is time to call out these snipers and have them stand tall for their actions. So far they have accomplished a total distorting of the present administration through selective and misleading leaks. I think we have had enough. Time for accountability.

As Written by DAVID FRENCH for National Review:

Kellyanne is Good at her job and the media hates her for it

When you are multitalented, intelligent, and good at your job like Kellyanne Conway, you will have detractors like CNN trying to tear you down. It appears that CNN will do anything, including fake news, to discredit and marginalize you. In this case they cannot handle her on their network. She would handle them too readily, don’t you think?

As Written By Jonah Goldberg for the National Review:

Was Betsy DeVos Assaulted During Protest at School? [VIDEO]

If you have any doubt that the alt-left has degenerated into fascism, just look at the behavior in DC when Education Betsy DeVos attempted to visit a DC school. One lowlife assaulted a Police Officer and was arrested. The assault on Secretary DeVos is being investigated. After turning back from the confrontation, she reentered the school for her meeting. This alt-left fascist behavior cannot continue.

UNBELIEVABLE! Another disgusting example of the left playing politics with national security

The working staff from with the State Department must be further alt-left than anyone imagined. Instead of slow walking to the 9th Circuit ruling to assist the President in protecting the nation, they have throttled up from the soon to be banned nations. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has his work cut out for him.

As Written by C.E. Dyer for the Federalist Papers:

Sean Spicer Spicing Up the Airwaves?

President Donald Trump’s Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, is on top of the daytime ratings with his daily press briefings. This was not something that was planned. After all, who wants to upstage “The Bold and the Beautiful.?” What this really points to is the high level of public interest in what the president is doing today.

As Written By Micheal Grynbaum for the New York Times:

Ninth Circuit Reasoning would have enabled 9/11 hijacker

Using the rulings on the Ninth Circuit Court on President Trump’s Executive Order on a travel ban, Hani Hasan Hanjour, the 9/11 hijacker and pilot would have legal standing to enter the United States. This is a bright and shining light on the political nature of the Ninth Circus. This is why activist judges need to be reigned in. 

As Written By Joel B. Pollak for Breitbart: 

Ambassador Nikki Haley RIPS the UN

United States Ambassador to the United Nations seems to have settled into her new assignment comfortably. She had no problem on Friday of telling the United Nations exactly how she felt about a Palestinian envoy to Libya. They have been called out on their biased approach against Israel. Way to go, Ambassador Haley!