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There is a GOP Storm Brewing

Representative Jason Chaffetz is taking umbrage with the Federal Ethics Office over its criticism of President-Elect Donald Trump’s business holdings. Ethics director, Walter Shaub Jr, spoke against Mr. Trump during an address at the Brookings Institute. It certainly seemed politically motivated and Mr. Chaffetz wants some clarity. What do you think?

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Obama ‘Not Welcome’ by Members at DC country club 

There is at least one country club in the Washington, D.C. area that will not put out the welcome mat for President Obama when he retires. His inactions at the United Nations to protect or support Israel is not a popular position for most of the Jewish club members. Not saying that the President wants membership there, but he is not wanted there either. Details here.

As Written By Andrew O’Reilly for Fox News:

Oh Good Grief! The Clinton Camp’s Blame Game Continues!

I read this and had a flashback that the Clinton Camp’s Blame Game is the new version of the Never Ending Story. I have lost count of the things that have been blamed for the Hillary Clinton loss in November. There was racism, sexism, misogyny, the FBI, the Russians, homophobia, pollsters, emails, servers, and on and on. Never mind that the Democrats fielded a fatally flawed candidate. Now they want to blame tabloids? Read this!

As Written By Phillip Stucky for the Daily Caller:

Social Media on FIRE After a Series of Bizarre ‘Technical Glitches’ on US TV Networks [Video]

Even for the most skeptical among us, the technical glitches in the Senate Intelligence Committee makes one wonder. The Senate confirmation hearings for Representative Mike Pompeo for Director of the CIA had barely begun. The lights and video feed went out in the hearing room. At almost the same time the Russian news channel, RT, was substituted for the C-SPAN feed. Weird, right? Just a glitch, folks, unless you are a left-winger conspiracy theorist. Read on.

Was Trump was right about Marco?

In his questioning of Rex Tillerson, the Secretary of State nominee, Marco Rubio may just have proved that Donald Trump was correct, once again. It was smallish behavior in his line of questioning of the nominee. It appeared he was trying to set a trap and marginalize Mr. Tillerson. The nominee was just too smart for him and justified why he was chosen for the position.

As Written by Bob Weir for American Thinker:

How American Charities Aid Terrorism

There are two unique terms in this article about the trouble with charities funding terrorists. The term fungible means that money donated for one purpose can be used for another. That is what is happening to even some of our tax money. No surprise there. Then there is this Palestinian group, United Friends Association. They receive lots of donations. Guess what that money goes to support? 

As Written By Sam Westrop for the National Review:

Mexico has a new message for President-elect Trump

The newly appointed foreign relations secretary from Mexico is anxious to begin negotiations with the Trump administration. They are finally understanding that President-Elect Trump is not against Mexico or their people. What Mr. Trump wants is a fair deal for the United States. They finally understand that we have serious leadership and there will be no more leading from behind. Let’s hope for a good resolution for both countries.


The Most IMPORTANT Aspect from Donald Trumps First Presser

In his first press conference, President-Elect Donald Trump did not disappoint his following. The mainstream media must have been expecting a different Mr. trump to show up and wound up being surprised. Most of all, CNN discovered that you do not ambush The Donald and not get called out like a naughty school child. They were in fact schooled on what good behavior should look like. They are slow learners, however. Liz Peek analyzes it for you.

As Written By Liz Peek for Fox News:

Trump Given Unexpected Gift By Buzzfeed and CNN

The fake news actions of BuzzFeed as aided and abetted by CNN has put the dampers on what used to be called journalism. President-Elect Donald Trump was correct to call them out and to give them the treatment that they received. The way BuzzFeed and CNN depicted themselves over the ‘intel dossier’ has damaged journalism to a level not seen before. Read the analysis below.

As Written By Howard Kurtz for Fox News:

Lil’ Debbie Wasserman Schultz slaps down FBI Chief Comey

FBI Director, James Comey, went to Capital Hill to give the Democrats a confidential briefing of the alleged Russian hacking of the DNC. It would have been less painful if he had just stuck his hand in a buzzsaw. Former DNC Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz was having none of his ‘excuses.’ There were some heated exchanges as they questioned his motives. Read it here.


NBC Makes an Obama List of ‘Most Telling’ Quotes ….. They forgot a few

NBC’s political reporter, Adam Howard seems to have swooned as he recalls the great oratory of President Obama during his presidency. He says that these soundbites capture his legacy. I think history will be much more critical of Mr. Obama than NBC. Such great lines as “you can keep your insurance” to “JV team,” will not be found in Mr. Howard’s article. Here is what he missed.

As Written By Ed Morrissey for Hot Air:

General Mattis Pulled from House Appearance

The Donald Trump transition team has pulled General Mattis from an appearance before the House Armed Services Committee. His appearance at the Senate committee is for his confirmation, while the House appearance was regarding his waiver of time since separation from service. The transition team says it is for preparation before the Senate hearing.

As Written By Jaqueline Klimas for the Washington Examiner:

HEY CNN, Where Was This Outrage When Obama Did the Same to Fox News? [Video]

Anyone who was watching or listening to the President-Elect Donald Trump presser today heard the CNN White House correspondent today. To say that he was rude, crude, demanding, disrespectful, and overriding would be to slightly understate his performance. I would not have given him any recognition, either. So why is there outrage? Remember how Obama treated FOX? Read about a few of those times in this article.

As Written By Kaitlan Collins for the Daily Caller:

WATCH: Bernie Sanders Just Heaped PRAISE on Trump!

It appears that former presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders, had an insightful moment while attending a Washington University forum. The same Bernie that thought Donald Trump was a pathological liar, now sees him with a bit more respect. Mr. Sanders finally understands all the factions that The Donald overcame to achieve his victory.

As Written By Daniel Halper, The New York Post

Guess Who’s Lining Up to Dress Melania Trump for Inauguration?

No one in their right mind would think that Melania Trump would have any trouble finding a fashion designer willing to outfit her for the inauguration. Those poor souls who needed to make a social and political statement based on lies and fake news just cut off their noses to spite their faces. Melania Trump is a true lady deserving of respect and the best.

As Written By Jerome Hudson for Breitbart: