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George Soros May Fund Clinton Staffers in War on Trump

The evil against President Trump never stops. The ring leader is Barack Hussein Obama and this man, George Soros.

Just when you thought it was all said and done when Trump was elected the wicked liberals bring out every weapon against the President that they have. From impeachment threats to all out riots, their aim is to knock Trump out of the presidency.

It is typical of the liberals to only want things their way, but this time, with Soros at the helm, you can bet it is going to get ugly.

Feminist Liberal Rag Magizine Ruthlessly Demeans Kellyanne Conway

It is understandable that the ultra feminist and their magazines are afraid of the impact Kellyanne Conway has on their narrative. They go into the attack mode and do all they can, in their estimation, to shame and embarrass her. This time, Vice magazine let Mitchell Sunderland hurl the insults at Kellyanne Conway. It is an infantile piece that you can read about here.

As Written By Michael Qazvini for the Daily Wire:

Neil Gorsuch Exposing Democrat Agenda During Confirmation Hearings

President Trump’s nominee for Supreme Court Justice, Judge Neil Gorsuch, has got to be one of the most unflappable men to suffer the Democrat inquisition called “hearings.” Senator Dianne Feinstein threw her trickiest loaded questions at her and the Judge schooled her by identifying her tactics and refusing to take the bait. Bravo, Judge!

As Written By Thomas Lifson for American Thinker:

FBI Probing Conservative Sites in Russian Influence Investigation

After the most recent hearing with FBI Director James Comey new details have come to light on more details of the investigation. The FBI is also investigating Breitbart, Info Wars and more on possible Russian influence in the election.

The FBI is investigating Conservative Leaning sites. Read that again.  They are implying that the top conservative websites in the nation could possibly be involved in the Russian influence during the elections. This is preposterous.

Read the full story below.

Liberals Maliciously Smearing Trump’s National-Security Braintrust

Sebastian Gorka is a key part of President Donald Trump’s national security braintrust. The alt-left media would have you to believe that Gorka is a card-carrying Nazi. The closest he ever came to Nazi was that his father was a freedom fighter against the Nazi regime. How is that for twisting a lie out of the truth? No wonder President Trump calls it Fake News. Read more.

As Written By Paul Sperry for the New York Post:

No, Sebastian Gorka is not a goose-stepping Nazi.

Maxine Waters Gives Warning to President Trump!!!

Is Maxine Waters referring to FBI Director James Comey’s confirmation that the FBI is investigating whether or not there is evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government?   We guess she deemed it irrelevant that the FBI and the NSA both testified that there is STILL no evidence of such.

Ooooooo We are shaking in our size 10 loafers. Give it up Maxine.


DHS Issues First Report Hitting Sanctuary Cities HARD!

The first report of the Department of Homeland Security has targeted and going after the sanctuary cities pretty hard. Townhall writer Leah Barkoukis reports that certain law enforcement have refused to cooperate with the DHS. This cannot stand. Do they take into consideration that not all the citizens in their counties and states do not want to be a sanctuary city?

As Written by Leah Barkoukis for Town Hall:

Mainstream Media Exposing Classified Information is a Dangerous Double Standard 

Back in the 50s, the worst possible punishment was thought to be having yourself locked in a cell with a used car salesman, but now mainstream media has said, “Hold My Beer!” Displaying a distinct lack of objectivity and altruism, journalism is now all about pushing the narrative. Read more here.

As written By Brandon Blackburn for OpsLens:

Limbaugh on Comey Hearing: Look How Terrified They Are! [Video]

Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh reveals some of his observations of the questions used in the House Intelligence Committee hearings today. The tone of the questions from the Democrats AND the Republicans could be seen as a veiled threat to President Donald Trump. The DC Insiders are still trying to gain control over the President, and this may be their latest ploy.

PAY ATTENTION: Facebook Bias Against Conservatives Strikes Again 

Conservative use of social media is rapidly curtailed by the ruling powers of Facebook, Google, and Twitter. All it takes nowadays is for some “troll” to find you, hate you, and then sic the social media admin on you. Zap! You are in Facebook jail or labeled as Fake News. You can even be booted forever. The problem is that thees three social giants are becoming the Public Square of free speech. They have moved beyond a commercial endeavor. Should they now be regulated?

Another Fake News Event Created by the Lamestream Media

If you buy into the latest fake news item from the drive-by shooting media, President Donald Trump now intends to kill old people by starving them to death. When the President’s proposed budget was revealed, the media claimed that Meals on Wheels would by killed, and with it all the senior citizens that depend on it. Wrong! Read the details here.

As Written By Ben Shapiro for the Daily Wire:

IBM to Hire 2,000 Veterans After Meeting with President Trump!!!

President Trump has a meeting with IBM corporation and now IBM has announced a plan to hire 2,000 veterans. How does the President do this? If the President can do it with the power and influence of his office, why cannot Congressional leaders accomplish similar wins for the nation?

As Written By Warner Todd Hutson for Breitbart: 

The Trump jobs boom continues, with computer giant IBM announcing that it is set to hire 2,000 veterans of the U.S. Military after a meeting with President Donald J. Trump.

A Very Suspicious Turn of Events Happened Days After Preet Bharara was Fired

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio has been under investigation for election funding irregularities up until U S Attorney Preet Bharara was fired. Now, suddenly, all investigations are terminated. People smell more than a rat here. This is a very suspicious turn of events. Maybe reporters will rush to interview Preet Bharara and see if he concurs, but I doubt it.

As Written By Jazz Shaw for Hot Air:

Developing: CNN being Investigated

How is this for a turn of events for CNN? Having been a hound dog on the trail of anything Russian and Donald Trump, they are now under investigation by the Russians. Yes, you read that correctly. The Russian legislature wants to know if CNN is meddling in their politics. Isn’t that a twist? Read it all here.

As Written By Andrew West for the Constitution:

Professional Progressive Protestors to Storm the President

Here is a good look into the preparations that the progressive protesters made prior to disrupting a Florida Republican’s Town Hall. They were very organized, very focused, and seemed to be fueled by hatred for all things Donald Trump. It is a disgusting feature of the fascist tactic of shutting down all debate. It is the liberal progressive way or the highway.

As Written By Matthew Boyle for Breitbart: 

Police Used Facebook To Track Gun Supporters 

Why would Brandon Vreeland and James Baker decide to test the Dearborn police in an open carry issue, inside te police station? If they wanted to test whether or not police are monitoring them via social media, they could do it without strapping weapons to their bodies and walking into the station. Take their photos and put them in the dictionary with the definition of STUPID. 

As Written By Eric Libermann for The Daily Caller:

FBI Director Comey in the CROSSHAIRS

On Monday, President Trump’s FBI Director, James Comey, will appear before the House Intelligence Committee (Is that an oxymoron?). The Democrats will be attacking him for his supposed role in the defeat of Hillary Clinton. The Republicans will want the Trump/Russian questions squelched for all time. The Director will be between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea for a while, I think.


Former A.G. Preet Bharara is plotting his revenge

Fired Manhattan United States Attorney Preet Bharara is looking to the future for employment. If these sources can be believed, he has quite the opinion of himself and his capabilities. I guess when you run in the elite circles, you can expect a hand up from fellow elites. He just wants TV stardom and Board of Director positions the way this reads. Good luck, sir.

As Written By Aaron Short for The New York Post:

Preet Bharara is ready for his close-up.