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Nanos Poll Shows Ontarians Oppose Both Wynne and Brown on Carbon Taxes

TORONTO, ON: The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) commissioned an Ontario-wide poll with Nanos Research and is today releasing the results. The Nanos poll of 500 Ontarians, conducted from February 3rd-7th found that across Ontario, over 50.5 per cent of those polled “oppose” cap and trade, and 10 per cent are “somewhat opposed,” for an overall opposition of 60.5 per cent.

The anti-freedom movement

The liberal left consists of those who believe in big government, which means more regulations, more taxes, and more free stuff for all, paid for by that infinite class of rich people that does not exist. This produces more dependency on government and more control over people’s lives.

Netanyahu’s Meeting with President Signals Support for Israel

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Less than one month since the inauguration, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with President Donald Trump. Unlike the failed policies of the past going back to 1967, Trump refused to pressure Israel into a so-called two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Trump stated he would support whatever solution was agreed upon between the parties.

Green Energy Scandals Cost Taxpayers Billions

A comprehensive report by the non-government organization Carbon Market Watch concluded that large companies are making billions from emissions certificates while CO2 emissions aren’t improving at all. The study looked at the 20 strongest countries from 2008 to 2015. The figures show how easy it is to make money from pollution and just how much the lobby-watered down CO2 trading system has failed. 1