Outrage at BBC claims of SECOND Russian ‘dirty dossier’ on Trump amid claims they are trying to derail his presidency before it starts

The BBC was under fire today after it claimed a second ‘dirty dossier’ on Donald Trump exists and was accused of attaching too much credibility to the first one.

Foreign correspondent Paul Wood said last night that former British spy Christopher Steele is not the only person to say the Kremlin has covert footage related to his sex life.

He said a security source told him of ‘more than one tape’ on ‘more than one date’.

Norway is the first country to kill its FM radio network

Norway is set to be the first country in the world to phase out FM radio.

FM stations will begin to go silent in parts of the country next week and the shutdown process will be complete by the end of 2017, according to the government.

The Nordic country is switching from FM to digital radio — called DAB — because the digital option offers more channels, better audio quality and savings for broadcasters.

New ‘magic’ shirt claims to repel sweat, never stain and NEVER smell

It’s a fate which has befallen us all.

You treat yourself to something new for a night out, only for it to resemble a mangy old rag by the time you return home.

That once box-fresh item of clothing now looks like those ‘before’ shirts they show on stain remover adverts .

The worst stain offender is red wine.

To mitigate this problem, there’s always abstinence, or simply not drinking it any more – but what sort of a life is that?

Luckily, a product is being manufactured which may be the answer to your prayers.