Trump Blames ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl’s Attitude on Rap Music and Obama

Just when you think he might start focusing on America, the economy and other important issues, Trump veers off into another Twitter tantrum. The latest one is his dislike for a generation of ‘Bad Kids’ which he blames on ‘Rapp’ (sic) music and former President Obama. This is a disrespectful outburst toward a girl who lost her life today. A very low move for the President:    

60 Year-Old Cocaine Dealing Grandma Busted With 100 Kilos

60 year old Leola Michelle Alston of Willow Tree Drive also known as the “Trap Queen” in Vale was arrested and charged with 14 felony count each of possession with the intent to manufacture, sell and deliver cocaine and maintaining a vehicle or dwelling for a controlled substance. She was also charged with one misdemeanor count each of simple possession of a schedule 2 controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Woman Gives Birth To Twins Inside Casket After Her Husband Buries Her Alive

The Racket Report – Woman Gives Birth To Twins Inside Casket After Her Husband Buries Her Alive A set of newborn twin girls are recovering in a Florida hospital after a very gruesome, bizarre situation. Anna Duncan, 37, gave birth to twin girls after being buried alive by her estranged husband who she says “did not want to pay such a large amount of child support.” It all began when Clyde and Martha Harris, the parents of Jerry Harris, were mourning the loss of their deceased son.

Eyelash Mites: The Gross Little Bugs That Live In Your Lashes

The Racket Report – Eyelash Mites: The Gross Little Bugs That Live In Your Lashes What in the world are eyelash mites!?! Well, if you’re easily grossed out I warn you DON’T CONTINUE READING! Eyelash mites are tiny mites that are typically described as parasitic and take up residence in a person’s pores and hair follicles. They are typically found in the pores and follicles of the face, especially in such areas as the nose, forehead, and eyelashes; they may also be found on a person’s cheeks or chin.

Obama Signs Executive Order Banning The National Anthem At All Sporting Events Nationwide

WASHINGTON, D.C. (AP) — Early this morning, President Obama made what could very well prove to be the most controversial move of his presidency with the signing of Executive Order 14302, which makes it illegal to perform the national anthem at sporting events nationwide. Under the new order, it is now illegal to perform or recite the national anthem in any public venue. Because the anthem is primarily performed before sporting events, this is where the new order will have its biggest impact.

World’s Biggest Starbucks Opening In Phoenix AZ: Roller Coaster, Underground Water Slide & Robot Baristas

PHOENIX, A.Z. (AP) — The world’s biggest Starbucks will be opening in downtown Phoenix, Arizona this November. The new Starbucks will also be the largest coffee shop in the world, seating up to 2,155 patrons, vastly surpassing the Al Masaa Café in Saudi Arabia which can seat up to 1,050 customers at one time.