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VIDEO: Cops Cautiously Asked The Driver To Step Out Of The Car. But Who Jumps Out? NO WAY!

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Thu, 05 May 2016 13:42:02 +0000

Roman Atwood is notorious for his Youtube pranks, like this absolutely hilarious video involving strangers accidentally “sneezing” a girls clothes off.

But his latest one is incredible – because it includes his darling grandmother! You will not believe what happens next when Atwood lets her drive his new car, check out the video below to see what happens next!


After about a minute of scaring his grandmother with some crazy driving, he pulls over. “Let’s get you in the driver seat!” She informs him of the pretty important fact that she doesn’t drive anymore, but he plays it off so well by saying they will just be taking a silly picture for their family.

She seems to be having a ton of fun just sitting behind the wheel of this sporty vehicle, until the worst possible thing happens. A police cruiser pulls up behind them and her face says it all: panic!

She of course couldn’t have known that these particular cops were totally in on the prank, but they must have some acting training because they go along so perfectly!

She starts to freak out even more as the cops get her out of the car and inform her that the car is reported as stolen – I can’t imagine going through this at her age!

She is clearly distraught as the officers start to question her, eventually telling her that she is under arrest and the car is indeed stolen. But right before it is all over for her, Roman reappears out of nowhere to save the day.

He pops out behind her as they are reading her Miranda rights, ready to shock her with an amazing birthday surprise. Cake in hand, he turns her around and she can’t believe her eyes! Talk about going from a bad situation to a good one in about five seconds.

Would you freak out if someone tried to pull this one on you? Sound off in the comments!