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Todd Bridges Takes 'Willis Monologues' To Broadway

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Wed, 22 Apr 2015 07:45:17 EDT

NEW YORK (CAP) - Famed child actor and Diff'rent Strokes star Todd Bridges will launch his one-man show The Willis Monologues on Broadway starting next month. The initial engagement will run two weeks.

The two-hour soliloquy features Bridges waxing poetic about his days as Willis Jackson from that iconic 80s TV sitcom. Producers say the show is unscripted, so every performance is unique.

"We stumbled on Todd standing outside a packie muttering Diff'rent Strokes lines to himself," said executive producer Harley McDermott. "And we thought, everyone should enjoy his stream of consciousness, not just the drunks hanging in the parking lot at Bailey's Liquor Store."

The New York Times calls the show "as entertaining as it is sad" and said audiences will "finally know what he's talking about" as Bridges rattles off lines from old scripts like he just memorized them yesterday. Sometimes Bridges just breaks down and cries on stage for five minutes.

Bridges has reportedly tried numerous times to resurrect his old TV show, despite he and Charlotte Rae being the only surviving cast members. Hollywood insiders say if his Broadway show is a success, Bridges may get the green light to team up with Kim Fields for a new sitcom called Facts And Strokes.