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More Fake News Found on CBS Nightly News

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Fri, 02 Dec 2016 08:38:35 PDT

CBS Nightly News shows what appears to be a staged incident brought by way of the White Helmets: “Syrian military continues assault on Aleppo,” CBS News, November 30, 2016.

The White Helmets is a faux NGO that is in reality a propaganda arm of the al Nusra Front. Although the White Helmets are presented as a humanitarian organization, there is massive evidence of them collaborating with al Nusra. The White Helmets have been discussed on The Geller Report here, but they have also been exposed by Global Research, Counter Punch, and Vanessa Beeley.

That’s right, the very same people who blubber about the Palestinians, and “institutionalized racism” in America, hate the White Helmets. That’s how bad they are.

And how bad is the Nusra Front? Nusra was among the “rebels” who hid in the Palestinian refugee camp in Syria. The Syrian government surrounded the camp in Yarmouk in response. The Nusra Front choose to continue hiding in the camp, and let the Palestinians starve to death as a result.

Palestinians starved to death by al Nusra Front

Palestinians starved to death by al Nusra Front

That’s how bad they are.

Yet, despite this, CBS has failed to get the memo. It is getting hard to accept this is just an accident. CBS’ bias in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood and jihad is becoming hard to ignore. There was the CBS piece praising the Muslim Brotherhoodconnected Scout leader, another burnishing the image of the man who mocked the Charlie Hebdo murders, as well as one endorsing BLM rhetoric, and a lot about the White Helmets.

Will CBS learn its lesson about reporting fake news, Muslim Brotherhood propaganda, and sympathy for jihadists? The answer appears to be as long as Obama remains in office, they will continue to push for aid to al Qaeda in Syria, which is what al Nusra is.

What CBS News does during a Trump presidency remains to be seen, but as Pamela Geller points out here, the internet may very well kill the network news star.


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