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Jimmy Fallon/Donald Trump lip sync battle draws mixed reactions at Golden Globes

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Mon, 09 Jan 2017 03:36:59 +0000

BEVERLY HILLS – Tonight’s 74th annual award ceremony experienced an awkward hiccup earlier tonight when host introduced a surprise guest, -elect , to the stunned crowd.

The award show audience, made up exclusively of Hollywood A-listers and celebrated artists, seemed collectively unsure how to respond when Fallon cheerfully brought out the former reality show host-turned most powerful man on the planet.

“Those best comedy and musical nominees were so great,” enthused Fallon. “And here’s someone else who’s so great, America’s number one favorite lovable goof, president-elect Donald Trump!”

The mostly liberal-leaning audience, many of whom had personally campaigned for Democratic nominee Hillary , sat in baffled silence as Trump joined Fallon in a “ battle” comedy segment. During this, Trump smiled for the crowd as he lip synced popular songs including Abba’s “Money Money Money” and “I Love It When You Call Me Big Poppa”.

While response to the segment was muted, several audience members grew upset as Trump stopped his lip sync to single out actors Jimmy Smitts and America Ferrera to his security detail. Fallon eventually wrapped the segment early after the president-elect began rating the Best Actress nominees by “bangability”.

Following Trump’s appearance Jimmy Fallon announced that, thanks to some “wacky voting”, the FX Russian spy series “The Americans” would receive the award for Best Dramatic Television Show.

UPDATE: The Trump Transition Team has issued a statement stating that “the completely overrated actress Meryl Streep” will be singled out for audit every year for the next 5 decades.

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