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The Sensationalist Times offers up incredible insight and only accurate and thoroughly fact-checked bullshit. If you believe anything that comes out of any of our authors mouths or off the tips of their pens then you are incredibly naïve and probably bordering on the verge of stupidity.

The Sensationalist Times is only for big people. So, if you're under 18, you should read more boring news.


The Sensationalist Times uses satire and fictionalizes accounts of current events in a mock-journalistic style. Readers should read text carefully to catch the clues and disclaimers and context of the articles published here. Shared stories can quickly become viral and the origins are obscured, contributing to the likelihood that they will be mistaken for fact. Remember to check your sources and that this publisher represents themselves as a satirical source (fake) of information.

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Read with an open mind. This news source is untrusted and controversial. These articles are for informational purposes only. Check the facts against multiple trusted news sources.

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Recent News from The Sensationalist Times - a news source that has been determined untrustworthy. These articles are for informational purposes only and not to be taken as true.