Fake News Within Past 48 Hours

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Title Source
President Trump Jokes About Hillary In A Meeting With Manufacturing CEO’s USA Supreme
DeMarcus Cousins makes Pelicans debut but Rockets spoil the party Blasting News
Farrah Abraham strikes again, throws crazy birthday bash for Sophia Blasting News
'Teen Mom 2' Kailyn Lowry is pregnant and Twitter isn't happy about it Blasting News
‘Riverdale’ 1x05 ‘Heart of Darkness’ recap and review Blasting News
'Teen Mom 2' cast: Chelsea Houska reacts to Kailyn Lowry's pregnancy news Blasting News
HUFFINGTON POST PUBLISHES, Then DELETES “Trump Is Absolutely Right About Sweden” Article…... 100 Percent Fed Up
'X-Force' director named, Joe Carnahan to work with Ryan Reynolds Blasting News
WWE News: Chris Jericho returns for WWE Germany event after Kevin Owens attack Blasting News
Could Chicago Cubs be looking at Jake Arrieta as trade bait? Blasting News
Did Jo Rivera and Javi Marroquin know about Kailyn Lowry's pregnancy? Blasting News
Syracuse and Oregon basketball buzzer beaters bring March Madness hype Blasting News
LIBERALS FREAK OUT! Trump Wipes Out One Of Obama’s Most Controversial Executive Actions…... 100 Percent Fed Up
Washington Redskins could be losing two best receivers to free agency Blasting News
Beyonce: Doctors orders, singer to cancel Coachella Blasting News
Nebraska football: Cethan Carter gets high praise from NFL offensive guru Blasting News
Philipp Grubauer and Aaron Dell top-2 backup goalies in the NHL this season Blasting News
FRAUD! MAXINE WATERS ADMITS To Lying To Get A Social Security Card [Video] 100 Percent Fed Up
Is 'Teen Mom 2' Kailyn Lowry having a boy or a girl? Blasting News
March Madness 2017: NCAA tournament odds favor Duke, UNC, Gonzaga or Kansas Blasting News
ISIS Will Be Terrified About This Next Week American Patriot Daily
'Days Of Our Lives' spoilers: the stakes are raised in the custody case. Blasting News
'This Is Us' fan theories of Jack's death are wrong. Blasting News
The Forces Aligned Against Trump Part 2 Conservative Infidel
'Teen Mom 2' star Kailyn Lowry confirms she's pregnant with baby no. 3 Blasting News
Why Is NASA Using The Discovery Of 7 New Earth-Sized Planets To Promote The Idea That... A Sheep No More
FLASHBACK: TWO MUSLIMS Living In US With Criminal Records ATTACK GAY Med Student In DC:... 100 Percent Fed Up
'Bachelor In Paradise' casting rumors Blasting News
Melania Trump Did Something Michelle Obama Would Never Dream Of American Patriot Daily
Mr. T is said to be a contestant on Season 24 of 'Dancing with the Stars' Blasting News
Kailyn Lowry Twitter: 'Teen Mom 2' star confirms she is pregnant Blasting News
Michael Novak, Friend of Economic Freedom Conservative Papers
Mama June Shannon went from weighing 460 pounds to a size 4 Blasting News
Is Kailyn Lowry in love with a mystery boyfriend and pregnant? Blasting News
Alt-right leader Richard Spencer kicked out of conservative CPAC convention Blasting News
MUSLIM Candidate For DNC Chair Ignites Party Of Losers: Says Trump Impeachment... 100 Percent Fed Up
Flash: ISIS at IDEX in Abu Dhabi Buying Long Range Drones Veterans Today
Confused Trump: Terror Attack Occurred in Pakistan’s Town of Sehwan, Not Sweden Veterans Today
Breaking/Exclusive: Turkey’s Phony War and Partnership With ISIS Veterans Today
Trump Strips Funding For Illegal Aliens, Reallocates Money To Their Crime Victims BB4SP
BREAKING #CNNLeak…James O’Keefe’s New Undercover Recordings Expose #CNNFakeNews... 100 Percent Fed Up
Lisa Marie Presley: The truth behind family abuse, bitterness and revenge Blasting News
Trump Rolls Back Transgender Protections The Onion
'Logan' post-credit scene speculation answered by director James Mangold Blasting News
Most Endangered Species The Onion
'Avengers: Infinity War' bringing in 'Guardians of the Galaxy' villian Blasting News
Key Halftime Adjustments Propel Fourth-Grade Rec Basketball Team To 8-Point Third Quarter The Onion
BREAKING: NORTH CAROLINA MUSLIM Caught Planning Terror Attack: “Watch the news…this is... 100 Percent Fed Up
Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama were asked to be on 'Dancing with the Stars' Blasting News
Javi Marroquin Twitter: 'Teen Mom 2' responds to Kailyn Lowry pregnancy news? Blasting News
Watch Knicks vs. Cavs 2017 live stream: How to watch online, TV time & channel Blasting News
Angelique Kerber to face Elina Svitolina for a place in Dubai final Blasting News
Nation’s Schools To Ensure Bullied Transgender Students Hide In Stalls Of Bathrooms... The Onion
Debunking claims of Antarctica’s ‘record’ sea ice loss Blasting News
Cheryl Cole makes it official, she is definitely pregnant with Liam Payne's baby Blasting News
Wozniacki ends Bellis run in Dubai Blasting News
Man Unsure How Fellow Diners Got Impression Appetizer Was Ordered For Table The Onion
Frustrated Russian Officials Struggling To Get Any Policies Through Dysfunctional Trump... The Onion
Report: Still A Few Seconds Left Where Plane Low Enough To Crash With Everyone Surviving The Onion
Ali Fedotowsky 50-lb weight loss shocks: guess how 'Bachelorette' lost baby fat? Blasting News
Hornets vs. Pistons 2017 live stream online, TV channel, time & game odds Blasting News
Nick Kirgios starts defending his title in Marseille Blasting News
Feds: N.C. Muslim convert with AK-47 arrested after alleged threat of mass murder Conservative Firing Line
Texas Muslim pre-school teacher suspended after tweeting ‘kill some Jews’ Conservative Firing Line
Shattering the myth of California being ‘sixth largest economy on planet Earth’ Conservative Firing Line
Veteran Faces Jail Time for Displaying American Flags Outside a VA Fence Conservative Firing Line
New ‘Sex Czar’ Charged With Making Sure Dying Nation Pumps Out Babies The Daily Caller
The TREES Will Teach You Telepathy… The Language of Nature! Daily Occupation
‘There’s enough hate’ Maryland Tattoo Shop Offers To Remove or Cover Racist Tattoos For... Counter Current News
RIP Paris; France Has Fallen, Will the Rest of Europe & USA follow? Conservative Papers
Marijuana Industry Projected to Create More Jobs Than Manufacturing by 2020 Counter Current News
*Watch* Cop Charged After Body Cam Shows Him Shoot Unarmed Family & Lie About It Counter Current News
Water is Life: The Story of Standing Rock Won’t Go Away Counter Current News
New EPA Administrator Emphasizes Federalism, Rule of Law Conservative Papers
I watched Standing Rock protesters dance for victory. Then the police arrested us. Counter Current News
Starbucks consumer approval levels PLUMMETING over plan to hire 10,000 refugees Conservative Papers
‘Absolutely False’: No Contact From Trump Administration, Archambault Says Counter Current News
5 Problems with Canada’s Anti-‘Islamophobia’ Measure Conservative Papers
SURPRISE! Meet The Convicted Terrorist Behind The Next Women’s March Calling For A “New... BB4SP
BREAKING – John McCain Caught Being BOUGHT By Muslim Government Angry Patriot
10 Signs The Global Elite Are Losing Control Counter Current News
Mutant Cattle Show Exactly What’s Wrong With The Meat Industry Counter Current News
10 Things Your Mom Never Told You Daily Occupation
FOX News Exposed Hosting Fake Swedish ‘Security Advisor’ To Fear Monger on Refugees Counter Current News
Pope Francis Exposed Quietly Letting Pedophile Priests Off With Little Or No Punishment Counter Current News
BREAKING: Trump Just CRAPPED On The White House Correspondents’ Dinner Clash Daily
Pope CUTS Penalties For Pedophile Priests – Jesus, However, Is Still Sending Them To HELL Clash Daily
FULL RETARD: Ashley Judd Says Trump’s Election Was WORSE Than Being RAPED! Clash Daily
HILARIOUS: How To Be An OVERLY Offended Dipstick (VIDEO) Clash Daily
Black Comedian Threatens White Women With VIOLENCE – But It’s OK, She’s A Black Lib Clash Daily
Touchless Tourture. Target Humanity. Full Length Documentary A Sheep No More
LMAO: Today Klinger Would Get A Promotion & A Big Speaking Gig At The DNC Clash Daily
‘TPAC’: Donald J. Trump Returns to CPAC … As PRESIDENT Clash Daily
California drought continues to abate as flooding becomes the new crisis Signs of The Times
Dubai police chief: – No means yes – ‘like a Swede’ The Truthseeker
James Perloff: Parallels Between Vietnam Era and Today The Truthseeker
Zuma: SA will allow expropriation of land without compensation The Truthseeker
Ashton Kutcher Exposes Pizzagate in Front of Congress and the Media Stays Silent The Truthseeker
Starbucks Brand Crashes After Announcement of Plan to Hire 10,000 Muslim ‘Refugees’ The Truthseeker
Dozens injured, 12 critically, after vehicle plows into New Orleans parade crowd (VIDEO) Signs of The Times